This is a personal blog site I designed for a school project. My job will be to blog on the subject of my day to day life for my undergrad English literature course. I have to write about college, my crappy job, my mad pooch “Frito” and while no person will probably read this besides my professor yet I still must do it. I am in my sophomore year at U of Hawaii at Manoa. I moved here from Delaware because I grew up surfing however disliked all the cold ocean back home.

As soon as I got here I knew this place was home. I visited Honolulu once as a kid when my family and I had been here on vacation and I had always dreamed of coming back. Nearly every one of my high school pals didn’t go incredibly far for university, most stayed in Delaware but some went only as far off as California. I had my mind made up to attend U of Hawaii thus it had been the only school I applied to, luckily I was accepted because my grades were not very good.

Here I am 2 years later writing a blog for my English language course. I am specialising in history given it was always my favorite subject in school as a kid. The best history course thus far was Hawaiian history. The state of Hawaii offers an fantastic historical past that most people don’t have any idea of. Their unique background is a common story of an native people that were taken advantage of by white settlers who pushed their own values on them in the name of God. Once I graduate I could either acquire a job as a History teacher or perhaps I could continue to grad school. I’ve been definitely debating whether to get a graduate degree in Hawaiian history. I highly doubt if a graduate degree in Hawaiian history will make me rich but at the very least I will be happy doing something I love.

Beyond classes some other things which I absolutely enjoy (aside from surfing obviously) is hiking as well as skateboarding together with my hound Frito (that’s right he skateboards.) After I moved off of campus with my buddies I made the choice to get a doggy, he’s been my closest friend since then. Because I wasn’t living in the dormitories any longer I thought it was a perfect chance to get a dog. He’s definitely the coolest pet That I have ever had and I had a feeling he’d turn out amazing when I first saw the guy. He eats anything, even alcohol. We must watch what food items we all leave out because in the event that we take our eyes away from it for a second our dinners are long gone. This guy even drinks beer so whenever we throw a party we have to tell everybody not to leave anything laying around or else he will get wasted! Clever, huh?

Anyways back to the skateboarding. One day I had been skateboarding while taking Frito for a walk and then I lost my balance and the skateboard shot out from beneath me and then Frito chased after it and hopped on it. On his subsequent try he rode for about 20 feet until he ran into the grass. Ever since I’ve been taking the pup to the dog park with me to skateboard and everyone gets a kick out of watching the guy skateboard. Chicks love him so it is an ideal way for me to make new friends.

Anyway it is getting late and this is actually plenty of writing when it comes to my 1st project. My subsequent post might be about a hike that my pals and I will be going on this saturday or sunday. I can’t remember the name of the place however it is somewhere out in Hawaii Loa. See ya!

Jeffrey Stockton