Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu HawaiiThis particular blog post shall be focused on my new home…Honolulu. Because there are many great features to post about it will likely be difficult to keep this concise. In my last write-up I mentioned what caused Jeffrey Stockton to move to Honolulu and I also discussed a little bit about the reason I love it here so much however in this post I’ll go into a lot more detail with regards to why Honolulu is such a fantastic place.

Obviously the weather conditions here factored into my choice Honolulu hardly ever will get cold which makes it a perfect location for Jeffrey Stockton to call home. The weather is so extremely good here that people complain that it is chilly if the temperature gets as low as the Seventies. Apart from the fact that it basically never gets cold it practically never rains too. Rainfall in Honolulu usually barely lasts a few minutes after which it’s sunny again. In Honolulu we love to refer to this as “Liquid Sunshine.”

Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu Hawaii

Yet another great aspect about Honolulu, Hawaii is that the everyone is generally friendly. It’s surprising just how many acquaintances I’ve made ever since I have been here. Whenever my friends or relatives from out of town pay a visit they frequently say “Jeffrey Stockton, how can you have such a lot of pals?” It’s easy to make friends when everyone here are so polite. My personal theory is that everybody here is in a good mood simply because the climate is always awesome.
Despite the fact that it’s not as huge as N.Y. or Los Angeles, Honolulu is recognised as a major metropolitan destination. There is stuff happening each and every hour throughout the day here. Almost all towns all over the country become really dull in the evening and others that are fun are not found in warmer regions besides Miami and Los Angeles. As opposed to most cities that have hot weather Honolulu has far more going on. Honolulu boasts fantastic nightlife with many night clubs staying wide open until 4 A.M. Due to just how mixed this place is you actually have a bunch of options for eating out which is fantastic.

Honolulu is also famous due to its excellent hikes. Anyone who knows me understands that Jeffrey Stockton loves to hike. I have a few favorite nature hikes such as Kuliou’ou and also Mariners Ridge but even if you would like a quick scenic hike there is a couple nice ones to pick from like Diamond Head or Manoa Falls. There are so many great hikes to be done here that one could devote weeks or perhaps months trying to do them all.

If you enjoy learning about other cultures then you would like residing in Honolulu. Another thing I love in regards to this city is that I’m continually meeting folks from all around the globe. Tourists from all around the globe arrive here daily and on top of that the city is a cultural melting pot. You can spend a day in Waikiki and meet a different person from a completely different place in the world every single day. I’ve made associates from all over the world which is great since I enjoy take trips.

Most of asia looks like a really awesome destination and I wish I’ll take a trip to there one day. Traveling to any place in Asia is pretty affordable out of Honolulu which can be good. Trips to Tokyo are around $600 from Hawaii and that is comparable cost as traveling to Las Vegas. So I am absolutely looking forward to achieving this and I am thinking about saving some dough so I can make it happen next summer. Honolulu is great but there’s lots out there to check out and I cannot put it off.
Well, those are just a very few reasons why I enjoy Honolulu a lot. If you’ve never visited this place before then you need to visit otherwise if you reside here you no doubt know what i’m saying. Look me up in case you’re visiting Honolulu and I’d personally be happy to be your tour guide. I’m generally down to go surfing or perhaps go on a nice hike!

-Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu Hawaii